The Hulk has been around a long time and in that time he has managed to acquire quite a Rogue's Gallery of his own. Here are some bio's of some of the greatest. If I am missing any appearances, please feel free to let me know.

The Abomination The Absorbing Man Amphibion the Bi-Beast Brian Banner Circus of Crime Colonel Armbruster

Flux Galaxy Master General Ryker The Gargoyle The Glob The Gremlin Half-Life

Harpy Hulkbusters Igor Drenkov Juggernaut The Leader The Maestro Madman MODOK

Mercy Psyklop Puffball Collective Ravage Riotsquad Rhino Rock & Redeemer

Speedfreek Troyjans U-Foes Wendigo Wildman Zzzax

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