Occurence: Incredible Hulk Annual 1997

Gladiator, Marvel's basic equivalent to Superman, is unbeatable as long as he has his confidence. In the annual, a villain from outer space has disguised himself as the newly discovered son of Bruce Banner. When Gladiator comes to get him, the Hulk, not knowing the boy is an alien, fights Gladiator. The two fight hard against each other until Gladiator uses eye beams and blows a hole in the Hulk's chest, all the way to his heart. With the beams still hitting him, the Hulk walks up to Gladiator and blocks the beams, causing Gladiator to get feedback and collapse. The Hulk throws Gladiator into a nuclear plant, causing him even more pain. He then continuest o beat Gladiator up with no resistance.

Hulk's Strength Feats

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