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Real Name: Betty Ross (at that time)

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #168

Origin Issue: The Incredible Hulk #168

Powers/Abilities: Harpy can fire powerful concussion blasts from her hands and can fly with her wings. She has superhuman strength.

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Origin: To create a weapon powerful enough to defeat the Hulk, MODOK kidnaps Betty and subjects her to gamma radiation, more than Bruce was subjected to, and creates the Harpy creature.


The Incredible Hulk #168: MODOK puts Betty into a hypnotic state and kidnaps her. MODOK wants to create a create powerful enough to defeat the Hulk. Since Betty has been around Bruce Banner and his experiments so long, she is a perfect speciment to submit to the Gamma Ray Transmitter. MODOK submits Betty to doses of gamma radiation greater than Bruce was hit with at the Gamma Bomb explosion. The Harpy breaks forward from a shell and immediately wants to know where the Hulk is so that she can destroy him. MODOK tells Harpy where to find the Hulk and she flies off for him. She ambushes him and the two of them fight. Right when the Hulk is about to hit her while she is down, she tells him she is Betty. While he is confused, she blasts him and knocks him out.

The Incredible Hulk #169: General Ross sees the Harpy and Hulk fighting on TV and recognizes his daughter. He makes it to the battlesite and runs to talk to her right before she blasts the Hulk and kill him. He tells her that she is gentle and kind and she gets confused but finally grabs the Hulk and flies away. Military jets take off after her but she manages to destroy one of them. Before anything else can happen, a tornado appears out of nowhere and graps the Harpy and uncionscious Hulk. The tornado disappears and drops the two of them off on a city in the sky. The Bi-Beast steps out and the Harpy and Hulk attack him after he grabs the Harpy. The Bi-Beast knocks the Harpy unconscious the Hulk reverts back to Bruce Banner. The Bi-Beast tells Bruce he brought them there to keep him company but then ask Bruce to try and repair the machines that are slowly stopping. Bruce, not knowing how Betty turned into the Harpy, figures he can use the advanced equipment to help her. He goes to find the Bi-Beast and finds him trying to talk to the Harpy, who is trapped in a cage. Bruce says he will help repair the equipment if the Bi-Beast lets him take the Harpy with him. He agrees. Bruce puts some equipment together which he thinks will cure Betty. Unbeknownst to him, MODOK came about the island and tricked the Bi-Beast into thinking Bruce was going to do harm. The Bi-Beast attacks Bruce just as he hits the switch to start the equipment. A fight ensues as Bruce turns into the Hulk and then MODOK doublecrosses the Bi-Beast and attacks him. As the Bi-Beast hits the self-destruct button, the Hulk turns back to Bruce and goes to search for Betty. He finds the Harpy in the eqiupment, thinking that it didn't work. He grabs her and they make a run for it as the island falls apart. Parts of a building land on the Harpy as they run and when the dust clears, the Harpy has reverted back to Betty Ross.

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