While for most of the population, exposure to gamma radiation results in death, there are a few select individuals where exposure can allow the person to develop super-human abilities. In the Marvel Universe, a resulting gamma mutation due to the exposure to gamma radiation is determined by psychological as well as physicalogical causes. Samual Sterns was a janitor with little education or self-esteem when he was exposed to gamma radiation and his hidden desire to be smart caused him to develope the superior mental powers of the Leader. The foreign spy Emil Blonsky had much self-loathing and developed into the Abomination after exposure. Due to Bruce Banner's personal history, he had developed MPD(multiple personality disorder) and each personality developed it's own abilities and characteristics and thus incarnation. Other incarnations have developed over the years which have all been based on the four core personalities. A recent self-exploration into his own mind has shown Bruce that there may be other core personalities, formed due to MPD, which have not yet seen the light of day.


Bruce Banner Savage Hulk Grey Hulk Merged Hulk/the Professor


Mindless Hulk
Savage Banner
Ultimate Savage Hulk
Banner Controlled Hulk
Post HR Hulk
Guilt Hulk
Devil Hulk
The Maestro

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